Official Statement in Response to Health Canada

On December 10, 2010 Health Canada listed Cadiveu Brazilian Thermal Reconstruction product in an Alert where they erroneously claim the level of free formaldehyde in the product is 7.0%. Our testing disagrees and this position has been corroborated by four independent analyses of the product, by four different labs, testing four different batches of sealed product. We provided all of the test results for formaldehyde and our active pump air monitoring test results to Health Canada in advance of their release on Friday December 10th  We were surprised in light of this, and have asked Health Canada to provide us with copies of the information used to achieve these results. The  Allied Beauty Association, a professional trade organization in Canada, issued a statement after this action by Health Canada stating: 
"The ABA is asking Health Canada to provide details of how they came to these conclusions. So far, they have told us that they are relying on reports from 1984 and are using a mathematical formula to draw conclusions about possible formaldehyde levels in the air. We would rather that they rely on actual air quality testing rather than some mathematical formula. If they are proven right, then the ABA will back them up and also maybe see if we can help them find solutions for salon air quality concerns. But if they are wrong, they are causing economic harm to ABA members, salons, and stylists."

Cadiveu USA will continue our focus on the safety of salon workers and clients and implore Heath Canada to respond to our request immediately so the professional industry and consumers can be provided with accurate information. 

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