Brazilian Thermal Reconstruction

Thermal Hair Reconstruction Kit Composition: Anti residue shampoo, brazilian thermal reconstruction, deep conditioning mask.

Suitable for: wavy and frizzy hair, with or without previous chemical treatments.

Results: Naturally straight and smooth hair, extremely shiny and without frizz! 

Technology: Cocoa, keratin, panthenol, pH 2.8 (acid- decisive factor for the smoothing process).

How it works: The smoothing effect is provided through the rigorous application of the 3 steps: the anti residue shampoo with pH 9 (alkaline) opens the hair cuticles so that the Brazilian thermal reconstruction with pH 2.8 (acid) will be effective. The heat provided by the hairdryer and the hair-straightener activates the ingredients which are then fixed to the hair. The deep conditioning mask with pH 4.5 finally equilibrates the hair pH values keeping hair straight and reconstructed for longer times (3-6 months). 

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